Stick Together, Team

Who We Are

/zɒ·maɪ·ɡɑːd/ /klæn/

ZOMG Clan is collective of multi-talented individuals. Our interests are wide and varied. Our background is in gaming; what started as a Counterstrike Source clan has evolved to much more. And by that we mean a very facetious organization of trolls and cynics.



ZOMG Clan's origins are in gaming, created during an era of Counter Strike 1337 speak. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur non elit lacus. Integer placerat euismod mi, eget scelerisque nibh volutpat ac. In eget ipsum a neque iaculis ornare sed ut nisi. Nunc sit amet erat ultrices, venenatis est quis, scelerisque purus. Donec scelerisque nibh vitae arcu ultricies dignissim. Sed vitae purus sollicitudin, condimentum augue nec, fermentum neque. Donec est elit, tristique vitae enim eget, pharetra suscipit turpis. Maecenas dui mi, pretium eget tristique eu, luctus quis est. Nunc massa sem, tincidunt a enim nec, maximus malesuada orci.

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