Stick Together, Team

Who We Are

/zɒ·maɪ·ɡɑːd/ /klæn/

ZOMG Clan is collective of multi-talented individuals. Our interests are wide and varied. Our background is in gaming; what started as a Counterstrike Source clan has evolved to much more. And by that we mean a very facetious organization of trolls and cynics.



  • Early 2008

  • Late 2008

  • 2009

  • Early 2012

  • Late 2012

  • 2018

ZOMG Clan's origins are in gaming, created during an era of Counter Strike 1337 speak. Troughout the years we tried our hands at tournaments, starting a gaming review site, and even humoring the idea of opening gaming café chain. As we grew older, our interests diversified to outside of gaming, however we kept in touch using the dated old clan tag. Thus we reserved this moniker and domain just in case we want to do anything with it in the future.

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